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Terms of use of the Web portal DanubeForestHealth.eu

The terms of use of the Web portal danubeforesthealth.eu (hereinafter the portal) determine the purpose, conditions of use and ownership of the data collected on the portal either via the Web or through a mobile application.

The owner and manager of the portal is the Slovenian Forestry Institute (hereinafter: the Administrator).

Your access and use of the portal govern these Terms of use, so please read them carefully before proceeding. By using the portal, you acknowledge that you are aware of the terms and conditions that you agree with them and that the provisions of the terms are binding. The Administrator reserves the right to amend and supplement the conditions of use. The revised terms of use are valid on the date of publication on the portal, the date of the last change is recorded at the end of this document.

The term user refers to registered and unregistered users of the portal.

Use of the portal is free of charge. The mobile application can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play.

The Administrator shall not assume any liability which may be a direct or indirect consequence of the use of the content from the portal or the implementation of activities related to the portal.

The portal can only be used by adults. Children can use the portal only under the supervision of parents or their legal guardians.

The purpose of the portal

The portal collects information on diseases and pests of forest trees in the Danube region. In the initial phase of use of the portal, data on species that are bound to forest or forest edge are monitored, and later the use may also be extended to other species.

The Portal is the central tool of the information system for the communication of plant pests and diseases, which we develop under the REFOCuS project, activity 4.4. It enables the effective communication of data on pest and disease observations by professional and voluntary users. The data shall be checked periodically by the experts for each taxonomic group designated by the administrator. Experts verify the correctness of the data on the basis of photographs and/or expert judgement.

The portal also collects data on pests and diseases of forest trees from other information systems, to obtain a more comprehensive overview and to improve knowledge about their prevalence, over time we monitor their spread, and raise awareness about the problems they cause.

User's account

When user registers on the portal and accept Terms of use, it also accepts the responsibility to ensure the security of its' user account and any activities that are being carried out through it. User should save a password securely, as this will provide security when accessing the portal. If user suspects that its' user account has been abused, user must immediately inform the Portal administrator at: nikica.ogris@gozdis.si. The Portal Manager assumes no responsibility for actions or omissions from your side, nor for any damage that may be caused by your user account misuse.

If the user account misuse is detected by the portal administrator, or the user account is intentionally used to upload false data, the Administrator reserves the right to close and prevent the user from continuing to use the Web and mobile Applications Danubeforesthealth.

User's obligations

The user who submits the data ensures:

  • That the user is the author of the data itself or has all the copyright for data entered on the portal,
  • That the data is introduced with maximum due diligence and strive for accuracy of the data,
  • Not to communicate intentionally misleading and false information,
  • To respond, as soon as possible, to any further questions relating to the entered information by the experts on the individual taxonomic groups,
  • Agrees that its data should be included in the database and allows the administrator to dispose of the information for the purposes specified below.

Data ownership

The supplied information includes: species name, date of observation, location coordinates, location name, number of specimens, area, note, one or more photos.

By forwarding data to the portal, you grant the administrator permission to free-use the data for non-commercial purposes. The administrator can use the data for a variety of purposes:

1. Use by Manager:

  • For the purposes of the REFOCuS project;
  • For further processing in the context of its own research;
  • Reporting and media in the REFOCuS project and subsequent reports to the competent institutions.

2. Forwarding to third parties:

  • To public institutions whose powers extend to the field of pest management and forest-tree disease for the purposes of implementing policies and reporting;
  • Research and educational organisations with an interest in further processing of data;
  • Foreign data collectors for the purposes of monitoring and planning of actions at European and global level;
  • Public insight into data to all users of the portal danubeforesthealth.eu;
  • Insight and transfer of data to all users of the portal danubeforesthealth.eu.

The provisions relating to the protection of personal data and possible forwarding to third parties are included in the Privacy policy.

The use of the portal and the data located on the portal is permitted exclusively for non-commercial purposes.

Moral copyright

The administrator and other legal and natural persons who use the portal data must respect the moral copyright of the users when using the data. This is especially the case for the use of individual photographs which may not be removed by the author (even if this is managed under the code "anonymous") and the reference to the portal DanubeForestHealth.eu. When using the portal data, the data source must cited in following format:

DanubeForestHealth – Electronic information system for reporting plant pests and diseases in the Danube region, danubeforesthealth.eu. Slovenian Forestry Institute, REFOCuS, Interreg Danube Transnational Programme (data transfer date).

Termination of cooperation

A user can withdraw from system usage at any time and demands either user account closure and/or complete deletion of data. The written request shall be addressed to the e-mail address: nikica.ogris@gozdis.si. In the request, the user determines what types of data demand the delete: personal data, observation data of the user, photos of the user about pests.

In this case, the administrator will terminate the user account and delete the user's data from the system. The user cannot request the deletion of data from other legal and natural persons who have already downloaded data from the portal.


Portal users can subscribe to the automatic notification of new reports of selected species. Subscriber must submit its' e-mail address. Subscriber can at any time cancel the automatic e-mail messages from the Portal. Instructions on how to stop receiving the automatic e-mail messages are listed in each e-mail message and in the module Subscription.

Privacy Policy

General terms

This document describes the privacy policy of the Web portal DanubeForestHealth.eu. Policy refers to the web and mobile application. The Manager of  the Portal is the Forestry Institute of Slovenia ('the Administrator'). The privacy policy is defined by how we manage the personal data of the users of the portal that the user provides to us at registration.

At the Slovenian Forestry Institute we appreciate your privacy, so we are carefully protecting your data and treating them in accordance with applicable legislation.

By using the portal, the user confirms that it accepts and agrees with the full content of the privacy policy.

We can change or amend the privacy policy at any time. The administrator notifies all registered users at every change in privacy policy. By using the Portal the user confirms that it agrees with amendments and additions of the privacy policy.

Personal Data collection

When registering in a web portal or mobile application, you must enter personal information: your first name and surname, e-mail address, country, and user interface language. This information must be correct, as the administrators of the portal can only contact you when necessary to verify the correct determination of the species or location in the field.

The user shall decide, in the process of registration, whether his first name and surname are visible publicly for each record entered, or its data on the reports of the species will be identified as anonymous. If you choose to publish your first name and surname, it will also be visible in the case of possible transfers of data to other systems or in the case of data transfers that are visible publicly and can be transferred by any user of the portal.

If you choose to enter data under "Anonymous", you must tick the option "anonymous" when registering. In this case, the first name and surname will not be visible publicly, nor will they be forwarded to third parties when they are transferred to other systems and can be seen by the experts of the portal that verify the correctness of the data entered and may also contact you in this respect.

A registered user may at any time modify their personal information given upon registration in the user account module including a change of anonymity. If the user chooses to be anonymous subsequently, all further data will be marked as anonymous, all the older data entered by the user before the change of anonymity is presented to the public with its first name and surname.

Regardless of the above selection, the contact details of the assignee (e-mail address) are not in any case visible to the public and are stored securely only on the servers of the administrator on which we use secure technology and privacy-protection programs. Contact details are only visible to the DanubeForestHealth system administrators, who are either employed by the manager or partner organizations of the administrator. The Administrator and experts of the Danubeforesthealth database undertake not to provide the users' contact information to third parties, except for the fulfilment of legal requirements or the requirements of the competent courts, governmental and administrative bodies, law enforcement agencies or other Authorities.

Public insight into the portal data is enabled for all users, and new reports on pests, diseases and alien species can only be entered by registered users.


Since the protection of children's privacy during a visit to the Internet is of utmost importance, parents, legal guardians and teachers are encouraged to cooperate with them and monitor their electronic activities when they browse the Internet.

The Administrator does not want to collect personal data from children under 12 years of age. If parents, legal guardians or teachers found that the children for whom they were responsible nevertheless made available personal information, we ask the parents or legal guardians to connect with us and tell us whether or not this information should be erased. On this basis, we will take all necessary measures to erase the personal data of children under 12 years of age.

Collection of non-personal data

In addition to personal information, some other non-personal data are collected on the Portal: browser type, referring sites, the date and time of the logon of each user, the number of entries that each user makes (even if it is visible as "anonymous"). The purpose of collecting this information is to better understand how visitors use the portal. The statistics on the use of the portal in aggregated form are also used for reporting purposes and in media publications in the REFOCuS project and any other reports from the Administrator on the operation of the portal.


The website DanubeForestHealth.eu uses cookies. Cookies are small files that we upload to your computer. That way we can identify you when you return to our site. We use the following cookies:

  • ASP.NET _sessionid: Enables session management within the application, duration: Session
  • Lang: Saves the selected language, duration: 10 years

We undertake that information collected through cookies will not be forwarded to third parties. You can delete or disable cookies by using the settings in your browser. If you disable cookies, the portal might not work properly.

Additional Information

If you have additional questions about the portal, you can write to the Portal administrator: nikica.ogris@gozdis.si.

Version of 26. 2. 2019

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