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List of verified observations

  Record IDDescendingCommon nameScientific nameDate of observationCountryLocationSourceNumber of photosUser
37508Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata15.05.2020SIPri BajtiVG Zoran Zavratnik, ZGS
37504Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata01.06.2020SIGloboka jamaVG Nenad Zagorac, ZGS
37499Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata15.07.2020SISvibnoVG Dragan Štrbac, ZGS
37491Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata29.07.2020SILetno gledališče LimberkInvazivke-Android Stiplošek Anže
37490Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata10.09.2020SIAjdovciVG Jurij Rozman, ZGS
37489Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata10.09.2020SIResjeVG Jurij Rozman, ZGS
37487Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata08.11.2020SISuhi bajerInvazivke-Android Zidar Simon
37486Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata08.11.2020SISuhi bajerInvazivke-Android Zidar Simon
37478Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata30.10.2020SIRibnikiInvazivke-Android Zidar Simon
37476Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata02.10.2020SIPrevolaInvazivke-Android User #4767
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