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List of verified observations

  Record IDDescendingCommon nameScientific nameDate of observationCountryLocationSourceNumber of photosUser
37528Eutypella canker of mapleEutypella parasitica22.02.2021SIStrmcaInvazivke-Android Pavlin Marko
37527Eutypella canker of mapleEutypella parasitica15.02.2021SIGlobotnikInvazivke-Android Pavlin Marko
37526Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata21.11.2020SITrnovoInvazivke-Android de Groot Maarten
37525Eutypella canker of mapleEutypella parasitica07.01.2021SISremičInvazivke-WWW Ogris Niki
37524Eutypella canker of mapleEutypella parasitica22.01.2021SIGrad SevnicaInvazivke-Android Brglez Ana
37523Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata22.09.2020SISveti MartinVG Drago Trajber, ZGS
37522Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata15.07.2020SILedavaVG Andrej Sarjaš, ZGS
37521Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata20.08.2020SIMurska šumaVG Drago Trajber, ZGS
37520Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata07.08.2020SIHumanov kotVG Simona Foltin, ZGS
37519Oak lacebugCorythucha arcuata15.07.2020SITilošVG Janez Kolenko, ZGS
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