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Poplar leaf beetle
Chrysomela populi
Maarten de Groot

Fig. 1. Adult of Chrysomela populi

Fig. 2. Eggs of Chrysomela populi

Fig. 3. Larva of Chrysomela populi

DETECTION PERIOD: April-October (flight period), 2-3 generations

DESCRIPTION: Adults are large beetles (9-13 mm). Elytra is red and the pronotum, head, antenna and legs are black. Females lays clusters of eggs under the leaves of host plants. The larvae are creamy white with black spots. When being attacked it can emit a red highly smelling repellent liquid.

HABITAT: The host plant of this species are poplar and willow trees. They can be found inside forests and outside forests where the host plants grow. The species hibernates as larvae in the litter layer.

STATUS: Occurs abundantly in all countries in the refocus area (Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia).

IMPACT: Larvae and adults are feeding on fresh leaves and can completely defoliate of poplar and willows and result in extensive damage. Especially young trees are very vulnerable.

SIMILAR SPECIES: Can be confused with with lady bugs, but are much larger and have no spots on the elytra.

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